Who am I

I am an overcomer, a leader, guide and teacher to those who are seeking to find their inner strength and to see their outer beauty without judgement.  I am Divine and Majestic.

I’m not to be defined.
As I walk this plane, lost yet again
Seeking to only find, pieces of me scattered in the mind
“Who am I?” I yelled out.
No ones around, silence filled the air as I stood on solid ground.
I’m seeking to find, all of me that’s undefined.
“Yell back at me.” I whispered in my mind.
Yearning for a beautiful reply.
Waiting for a for sure answer, to invade my being like an unwanted cancer.
Sitting in silence.
Stillness with no reply to who am I…
Feeling full of bliss.

So boastful it came to me, my eyes opened wide now that I can see.
I am the sound that’s whispering to me.
Patiently waiting on my own reply.
I am the vibrations of the words that flows through me.
The life in these tears that I cry.
I’m more than the beautiful woman that one may see.
I’m the voice in the vessel questioning “who am I?”
I’m the life that lives in all that one may see.
How dare I seek a title to belittle me?
How dare I wish to be defined for those that don’t know me?
Lost in a world filled with lies.
Still I remain the voice inside,
With no need to explain because I will forever be unidentified.

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